B. B. Gabor Jumps - Nyet, Nyet, Soviet Jewelry

Posted by Phil Morris (Saskatoon, Toronto, NYC, Canada) on 30 July 2014 in People & Portrait and Portfolio.

B. B. Gabor started life out as Gabor Hegedus, with a great mind that was troubled with
manic depressive or bipolar disorder. He had a direct gaze and gave you his attention,
if only life had been more generous to his side, he would have been one of the greats of
Punk Rock. I thought that I had thrown out all my pics of him when I have found only 2 or
so at the moment. Somehow the pic appears to have been somewhat polarized, I am not
sure if I opened the camera back, or if the breakdown of the negative is too far gone after
34 years !~

"Nyet, Nyet, Soviet Jewelry" had a lot of air play and got a lot of people on the dance
floor as punk had invaded the discos at the time. This was taken during his Cross Canada
Tour. Dianne Heatherington also had her Cross Canada Tour going at around the same


Doug from Burnham-on-Sea, United Kingdom

An interesting image Phil.
To say bipolar is cruel would be an understatement, those who experience it and the people surrounding them experience such terrible chaos. I do worry that people seem eager to be labelled with such a disease and some people fail to recognise that we all have moods that fluctuate, but not to such extremes that cause so much hurt and pain as bipolar can do. It seems that the desire to be like a public idol has now extended to wanting to have a similar label, I wonder if they would feel the same if it were an illness that disfigured them in some way.
Sorry for the rant but I work in mental health and see the destruction bipolar wreaks across those who experience it and their loved ones and I know I wouldn't wish this illness on my worst enemy

30 Jul 2014 7:08am

@Doug: I agree Doug, Gabor ended his life, and I also have a friend who just spent almost 2 years in a clinic. Luckily, she has survived and did not end her life as her father had. She finally has been home for 3 weeks now. Phil


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