About Phil Morris

Phil Morris

I left the farm and wanted so much out of life, and yet so little. I really loved cameras and within several years I had purchased some wonderful cameras that I loved so much. I was a collector basically at heart, and really should have been an antique picker, but something I never followed.

I colour a lot of my photos, basically I shot in black and white and several years later taught myself to colour photos basically with food colours, then later airbrush paints and later still the computer. I loved watching my mother take photos of us and still love any old photos of us kids, it has been a mission to bring back all of those photos, to have them roam in our minds once more. I wanted to be a photo retouch artist in New York in the early to mid 80's, painting with oils, crayon and any paints basically to work on photos.
I love my home so much, I spend so much time there, imagining a mansion and a wonderful lifestyle, basically like the fake ones you remember in the movies !!

" As you enter my home, you pass through a small entrance hall and enter an opening to the left framed with large scale, marble topped furniture and a large, carved marble, life-size statue. There are statues everywhere. There is an overpowering feeling of solidity and permanence to the living room. You get the feeling that it has been here forever and that it will always be that way. " --- something I wrote about my collection and home.

" To me, A photograher of talent makes no mistakes; his errors are volitional and are the portals of discovery !~"

Photography Equipment

I started out with a basic Canon FTB model and my first big purchase of a camera was the iconic Nikon F2sb that came out in 1976. I saved and bought one very fast, it was a dream I never wavered from. Then I got into a larger format (medium format) with several Rolleiflex models, then Rolleiflex SLR's. I also own Mamiya,
Bronica, Zenza Bronica, Pentax, and several Hasselblad medium format cameras that I collect and love.

I never owned a computer until 2008 - by August I was on line the first time. Since then I love posting photos, basically reliving my past, my highs in NYC in the 80's and since where I had the best of times !~

memories from the past basically, I forget names of people and a lot of faces I forget except some and the ones I have on film.

I had a site here on aminus before this one, and after several problems with my computer it was erased and I have started to repost new photos and others I had on the last site. I have this site now to enjoy my photos and not to be criticised for imperfection, sometimes I like it anyway, otherwise I would not post it. Like I told the models and wannabe actors who I photographed in the past:
" My photos look like they were taken 20 years ago. If you want the photographer next door, then go next door !! "